VETO’s history dates back to 1937, Italy.

Throughout all these years, VETO has been one of the main players in the manufacture of electrical equipment for domestic use.

In the last decade, our brand has launched its GLOBAL initiative for each LOCAL market, serving the needs of each segment in a flexible and agile manner, always providing cutting-edge designs.



Quality, guarantee and design that adjust to all living spaces and budget.

Our brand’s great success has been perpetuated thanks to our product innovation, the search for new and better materials, and, above all, the continuous improvement in our manufacturing processes.

Frequent questions

How can I access the Veto Warrantee?
All our mechanical products have a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects (smart products do not apply). As a brand we extend written warrantees for projects and constructions. Hence, in case of defect, Veto will replace the faulty product at no cost to the user. To receive this warrantee, contact your VETO commercial advisor or write to us in the CONTACT section.

Where are our distributors located?
In the WHERE TO BUY section you will find information sorted by country for where you can buy our products. If you need more detailed information you can contact us in the CONTACT section.

Where can I find detailed product information?
In the PRODUCTS section you will find detailed information for each of our products. If you need additional information, you can download the technical sheet and specifications of each one of them.

How to install a Veto product?
e have developed a video tutorial section to help you with the entire installation process. To access the videos go to the DOWNLOADS section, where you’ll find our step-by-step guides for the entire installation process of our products. To prevent accidents, we recommend that you follow all the instructions in the videos, or rely on help from a professional in the electrical field.

How can I get a quote?
In our section WHERE TO BUY; you will find information on where our products can be found. You’ll also find prices from our main distributors with online sales. If you need further assistance, write directly to us in the CONTACT section to contact a commercial advisor in your area.

How to become a distributor?
In order to become a VETO distributor you need to fill out the contact form found in the CONTACT section. Select the option “I want to become a VETO distributor” in the subject line in order to find the complete form.

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