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The placement or installation of electrical outlets, sometimes called plugs or light contacts in Mexico, is done at different heights depending on the environment: bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc.


In the kitchen, outlets are usually installed either for the odor extractor, or to connect other appliances such as a microwave oven or electric stove. In the case of the odor extractor, if it is not connected directly to the current, and if it has a cable to connect/disconnect, the recommended height is one meter eighty centimeters (1.80 m).

For outlets that are going to be used for equipment such as electric stoves, the recommended height is one meter twenty centimeters (1.20 m).

It is important to take into account that electrical outlets should not be installed above the kitchen sink or the place reserved for electric or gas plates.


In the bathroom, the outlets are installed at a height between ninety centimeters (0.90 m) and one meter and thirty centimeters (1.30 m).

In this environment it is crucial to take into account certain safety aspects, such as not installing electrical outlets inside or too close to the shower or bathtub, there is a minimum distance of 60 centimeters (0.60 m) that must be respected to avoid accidents.

Other environments

In other places of a house, such as bedrooms or living-dining room, it is recommended to install outlets fifty centimeters (50 cm) of the finished floor, although it can also be done at a higher height, up to 1,30 m, depending on the functionality that is sought: for example so that it is not behind a very heavy piece of furniture such as a bed or so that it is accessible for children and people in wheelchairs.

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